Snow Day Activities

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Snow Day Activities

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The holidays are (finally) over, but there’s still a few weeks before school resumes! How do you keep you kids happy when it’s blustering and cold out? We’ve got some great ideas to keep your little ones engaged and entertained!

Snow Day!

Spend a day in the snow by building snowmen, go sledding, make snow angels or an igloo! Be sure to pack the hot cocoa and changes of clothes for after!


The Family That Bakes Together…

Get into the spirit and bake some cookies, pop some popcorn or have a home-made personal pizza night!


Be Productive

Beat the winter blues and boredom by enlisting kids to help with bigger chores, like sorting out toys they no longer play with or clothes that no longer fit so that the family can make a drop at the local charity shop and make room for the new gear they got for the holidays.


Get Creative

Break out the craft kits and get the kids engaged in some quality crafting. Make paper snowflakes, make a snow globe with baby food jars, baby oil and glitter, or just make some fridge art!


Game Night

Gear up for game night and break out the board games! Grab everyone’s favorite snacks and spend the evening playing and laughing together!


Learn Something

Watch documentaries together on a subject that sparks your children’s interest. Read some non-fiction or help kids map out their family tree and tell stories about relatives and ancestors.


Movie Marathon

Get cozy and pick out the family favorites. Spend a day on the couch watching holiday, Disney or 80s movies! Pick a theme and show kids your own childhood favorites.


In just a few short weeks the kids will be back in school and you’ll cherish the fun family moments you made over the winter break!